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FLAPPER HOUSE, INC. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) multi-media company that supports public awareness of the Arts as well as causes and issues that benefit the world.

We are proud to partner with organizations that align with our mission to develop and create inspiring, educational, and informational content. 

FLAPPER HOUSE is proud to currently partner with Flapper Films and Flapper Press to

develop and produce relevant content that aligns with our goals.


Elizabeth Gracen

Elizabeth Gracen is a filmmaker and owner of FLAPPER FILMS— a production company dedicated to developing inspiring, educational content. She is also a former Miss America 1982 and a veteran of many television and film productions, best known for her work on the long-running HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES and HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN. Gracen is also the author of Shalilly - a coming of age, Young Adult fantasy novel and the creator of

FLAPPER PRESS— an independent small press publishing company and online magazine that features original poetry & writing, art, advice, opinion, in-depth interviews & inspiring content from writers and artists from around the globe.


Regina Hopper

Regina Hopper is an Emmy award-winning storyteller, who currently brings her successful career in journalism, legal, political, and global public policy experience to audiobook narration and voiceover acting. Hopper served as a journalist covering the White House, Capitol Hill, and the world as a correspondent for CBS News and 48 Hours. She is an attorney, specializing in strategic communications in high profile cases, and an industry association CEO who has advocated for the transportation, new mobility, energy and telecommunications industries.

Sandra Marbaise

Sandra Marbaise is a successful graphic designer from Little Rock, Arkansas. Along with her husband, Jon Marbaise, she created Creative Advantage—a multi-media graphic design firm, and San Lori—an enormously successful upscale paper line of products that sold all over the U.S. and abroad.  Marbaise continues to offer her time to a variety of charity design projects and was awarded the AHA (Arts and Humanitarian Award) for her work with Ballet Arkansas. She is a Board Member for Accademia dell'Arte, in Arezzo, Italy, and has served as a Board Member on the Arkansas Festival Ballet and  as Lifetime Auxilary Member for the the Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Hilary Thomas

Hilary Thomas is the Artistic Director and choreographer for the Lineage Dance Company and The Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, California—a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization dedicated to being a community where the arts are accessible to all. Lineage continues to partner with other Nonprofits to raise awareness and funds for important causes. In 2009, Lineage founded the Dance For Joy program: a series of free acting, dance, and voice classes for people with neurological challenges like Parkinson's, MS, TBI, Alzheimer's and dementia, and stroke. contemporary dance company dedicated to raising support and awareness for nonprofit organizations and to making the arts accessible to all. 

Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne Wilkinson began her career as The Empress of Rome who was revealed to be Xena’s daughter Livia/Eve in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS —the most watched television show in the world at the time. Wilkinson’ career has spanned multiple genres in projects ranging from mainstream and fan-favorite cult classics to edgy independents, live events, narrative films and documentaries and has collaborated with top artists to produce, co-create source materials, and direct. As a sought after industry consultant via Plan A Media Group, she has assisted others in bringing projects successfully from idea to screen. She is also known for her commitment to charitable causes with a focus on literacy programs, animal welfare and children.

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