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We are proud to be partnering with Flapper Films on the following projects:
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NATURAL STATE OF DRAG is a documentary film project
about the history of Drag in Arkansas—
a red state with blue roots and a long tradition in
the art of female impersonation.

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THE GEN Z COLLECTIVE is an ongoing archival documentary film project and platform for Generation Z

to express themselves, organize, find direction and guidance for the

issues that are most important to them.

Visit to screen the project and

connect with organizations that aide and benefit this powerful generation.


Ceiling In The Floor | Home Page  | Indie Films, Women In Films, Generation Z, Women Filmmakers, LBGTQ Films| Flapper Films creates and develops educational, informational and inspiring content for multi-generational men and women.

A feature film adaptation of a live performance piece created by Hilary Thomas of the Lineage Dance Company, the film tells the story of the creative and tumultuous arc of a friendship

told through narration, dance and original music.

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AFTER ROE is a documentary feature film that goes behind the scenes and on the road with this original production presented by The Lineage Performing Arts Center as a troupe of actors bring to stage the true words of American women as they share their stories about abortion, loss of reproductive rights,

and the overturning of Roe v Wade.  

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